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Welcome to BlackHistory.com! This web site features unique stories and facts about Black history, culture and accomplishments. We profile African Americans who made and/or are still making significant contributions to technology, business, entertainment, politics, and even sports!

First African-American Athlete to Win a Medal in the Olympic Games

George Coleman Poage

In 1904, George Coleman Poage became the first African-American to ever win a medal at the Olympics. The Olympic games that year were held in St. Louis, Missouri, and Poage made history by winning two bronze medals in both the 200-yard and 400-yard hurdles.

This Woman From Ghana Led the Biggest Slave Revolt in the West Indies

Breffu, woman from Ghana who led slave revolt in West Indies

In 1718, the Danish had total control of the West Indies. They had completely colonized this small Caribbean island, and has even fully established their government there. After 15 years under their control however, Breffu, a brave Ghanaian female slave, organized a rebellion with another slave named Christian. Their plan was to lead other enslaved Ghanians from the Kingdom of Akwamu to attack the Danish army. On November 23, 1733, they successfully did just that.

Five Black Teens Went Missing in 1978 and Where Never Seen Again — Here’s What Happened!

Clinton Avenue Five

In 1978, on a summer day, five teenagers from Newark, New Jersey suddenly vanished. Their names were Randy Johnson, Michael McDowell, Melvin Pittman, Ernest Taylor and Alvin Turner. That day, they had played basketball and had gone home to change their clothes before meeting up again. But that was the last day the boys were ever seen again!

This Entrepreneur Borrowed $25 and Became the Richest Black Man in America in the 1950's

Samuel B. Fuller, Founder of Fuller Products Company

In 1929, Samuel B. Fuller borrowed $25 and used his car as collateral to buy soap products that he began selling from door to door in Chicago, and later formed the Fuller Products Company. By 1939, his business was so successful that he opened his own factory and began to manufacture his own soap products and 30 other commodities. By the 1950's, he was generating $18 million in annual sales and had a sales force of five thousand. He was the wealthiest African American of his era.

Jazz Singer Billie Holiday Was Only 44-Years Old When She Died

Billie Holiday

Billie Holiday is one of the most famous jazz singers in history. However, her difficult life came to an end at a far-too-early age.

Meet the First Black Patient To Receive a Full Face Transplant

Robert Chelsea

After a severe car crash in Los Angeles disfigured Robert Chelsea's body, surgeons were able to help him get back to a somewhat normal life. His face, however, was almost destroyed due to the intense flames that engulfed him before he could escape. Doctors suggested a full face transplant, and Chelsea agreed to be put on the waiting list.

Meet the First Black Actor to Win an Oscar

Sidney Poitier

Sidney Poitier was an actor, film director, writer and American diplomat. Most notably, he was the first African American actor (not actress) in history to win an Oscar — but he was nominated twice.

Malcolm X Murder Case Reopened By DA's Office After Netflix Documentary Reveals New Evidence

Malcolm X

Thanks to the findings of a powerful Netflix documentary, the Manhattan District Attorney's office is reexamining the circumstances surrounding the 1965 murder of civil rights icon Malcolm X. In the six-part documentary called Who Killed Malcolm X?, activist Abdur-Rahman Muhammad argues that two of the men convicted for his murder couldn’t have been at the scene of the crime.

The Author of “The Count of Monte Cristo” Was Black

Alexandre Dumas, Black French author of The Count of Monte Cristo

The Count of Monte Cristo is a popular film that was produced in 1975 and again in 2002, starring actors Jim Caviezel and Luis Guzmán. Many people, however, don't know that the film was based on a popular novel of the same title, and that it was written by a Black French writer named Alexandre Dumas.

14-Year Old Marsai Martin is the Youngest Black Executive Producer in Hollywood History

Marsai Martin

Marsai Martin is a teen actress and singer best known for playing the role of Diane Johnson in the popular comedy series Black-ish. In 2019, at just 14-years old, she made history when she became the youngest Black executive producer in Hollywood history with the film Little.

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