Actor Mark Curry, Now 61 Years Old, Says That Bill Cosby and Sinbad Once Saved His Life

Mark Curry

Actor and comedian Mark Curry is best known for his role as the star of the 90s TV sitcom Hangin' With Mr. Cooper. He also hosted several seasons of Showtime at the Apollo. Now, at 61 years old, he admits that he once considered ending his life after a very unfortunate home accident that nearly killed him.

Mark's hit sitcom aired on ABC for five seasons from 1992 to 1997, and his character was that of a former NBA player that became a school teacher in Oakland which was loosely based on his life because he was born, raised, and went to high school in Oakland, California.

Sadly, though, in May 2007, while doing his laundry at home, an aerosol can had fallen behind a water heater and exploded and burned more than 20% of his body including his arms, back, and side. He spent many months recuperating at home.

During an interview on The Montel Williams Show, he revealed that he once considered ending his life after waking up from a three-day, medically induced coma, but decided against it thanks to the help and mental support of his friends and fellow comedians Sinbad and Bill Cosby.

Since the accident, he has remained somewhat in the spotlight. He was seen in the music video for the 2002 song "Oakland Raiders" by rap group Luniz and he was also seen in the 2015 music video "Pull Up" by Young Dolph. He also co-starred in all three seasons of See Dad Run, Nick At Nite's first original live-action family comedy series from 2012 to 2015.

Before the accident, he made appearances in at least two music videos - one for Too Short's "I Ain't Trippin" and another for Bow Wow's "Take Ya Home", where he played a father desperately trying to get his daughter a doll of the rapper.

A lot of people also don't realize that in 1991, Mark also appeared in a film called Talkin' Dirty After Dark with fellow comedian Martin Lawrence. He also made an appearance in the sitcom Living Single in 1994 and again in 1997.