Bryant Gumbel Was the First Black Person to Host a TV Network’s Morning Show

Bryant Gumbel

With a humble background working in sales, Bryant Gumbel made his name known in the vast majority of American households after becoming the first Black person to host a TV network morning show. This show, still running today, was dubbed NBC's The Morning Show. Alongside him sat co-anchors such as Jane Pauley, who was the second woman in history to co-host the long-running show.
Before his break into camera number one, Gumbel worked as a host for NBC Sports. During this time, he earned four Emmy Awards and conducted dozens of interviews with world-famous athletes. It wasn't until 1982 that Gumbel made his way onto "The Today Show, replacing former host Tom Brokaw.

According to BlackPast, Gumbel went on to spend 15 years hosting The Today Show, all while spectating games from the MLB, college basketball, and even the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, Korea. Gumbel truly made his name known in the television industry as he is still the second longest-serving host of The Today Show.