The First African-American Congresswoman Survived Multiple Assassination Attempts When Running for President

Shirley Chisholm

American history is overrun by stories of presidential elections conducted and won by white males. However, not many are aware that Black women have been running for president for decades. In 1972, the winner of the presidential candidacy was Gerald Ford. But an opponent of his was none other than Shirley Chisolm, a Black female from New York. 
While campaigning for president, Chilsom made history as she was the first African-American to do such a thing through the nomination of a major party. According to The White House, Chisolm had to work harder than most candidates in history just to get her name out. This included suing her way onto televised debates and surviving multiple assassination attempts.

Some today revere Chisolm's efforts, even if they didn't earn her the presidency. According to BBC, a member of the congressional committee, Kimaya Davis, states, "She paved the way for me to be able to set foot on Capitol Hill."

Although Chisolm did not become the first Black president, she was the first African-American congresswoman. even points out that she recognized her efforts were not wasted and were successful in shifting the power towards a more diverse future in government.