Keven Stonewall, a Black Student From Chicago, Makes History With His Research on Colon Cancer

Keven Stonewall

A young medical student by the name of Keven Stonewall has been making great strides in finding a cure for cancer. Stonewall first gained recognition at the age of just seventeen, when he "conducted colon cancer research at Rush University Medical Center to determine how aging affects certain immune responses in mice when exposed to colon cancer cells," according to

So far, the cure to cancer has not been found and has left hundreds of thousands of people grieving over their lost loved ones. Some are left to believe it's a part of life. Yet, Keven has shown through his work that it may be possible to remedy this fatal flaw.

His research has been truly eye-opening for scientists and researchers everywhere. The article mentioned above even adds, "This groundbreaking research, which many scientists credit to Stonewall, has earned him respect in the science and medical community, and earned him numerous awards and honors including presenting at the Intel International Engineering and Science Competition, and Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer."

As a young black student in Chicago, there are many hurdles to overcome. Yet, Stonewall has more than proven his excellence in his young age, and now works as a motivational speaker and studies as a "first-year medical student at Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine."