Why Jim Brown is One of the Greatest NFL Players of All Time

Jim Brown

There are many "greats" in the National Football League, but Jim Brown remains both relevant and stellar in both his history as well as his status as a previous fullback for the Cleveland Browns. From the years 1957 through 1965, Brown set records and made plays that brought the audience members to their feet. As the NFL states: "Brown is still considered by many to be the greatest player ever."

During his time in the NFL, Jim Brown set records that, over fifty years later, had not been broken or surpassed. The NFL comments that Brown is "still the only running back in NFL history who averaged 100 yards per game for his career and he is still the only player to lead the league in rushing eight times."

 Even as a rookie, he managed to "set an NFL single-game rushing record of 237 yards that stood for 10 seasons." Over the course of his time on the field, Jim Brown earned three league Most Valuable Player awards.

Jim Brown is revered by fans and players alike, and he left a mark on the game that many have looked up to since then. Retired football star, Jerry Rice, says of Brown: "He didn't play as long (as other running backs), but he had the speed and physicality, and it's just the way he played the game." Through his sheer power as a football player, Jim Brown is certainly a legend to be highly revered.