Jennifer King, the First Black Woman to be a Full-Time NFL Coach

Jennifer King

In January of 2021, the NFL went an entirely new and exciting direction with its staffing when Jennifer King was named assistant running backs coach for the Washington Football Team. According to ESPN, 'the assignment made her the first Black female full-time coach in the NFL' at the age of 36.
Up until that point, King had spent a year as a coaching intern for the team. In her own words describing her experience in the NFL, King states: "I never thought this was an option. Becoming the first Black woman to coach full-time in the NFL is an unknown journey...Me being here is an example. It's an example of the opportunity they (women coaches) could have one day."

She plans not only great things for her team, but also for future female coaches who will continue looking up to her example. King is currently one of four current coaches who are people of color. But this is only a start as more women continue following the examples of strong, dedicated workers like Jennifer King.