Janice Bryant Howroyd, the First Black Woman to Own and Run a Billion-Dollar Company

Janice Bryant Howroyd
In 1976, Janice Howroyd began her journey to becoming the first black woman to own and run a company now worth $420 million. According to Entrepreneur, Howroyd's story began in Los Angeles with only $900 to her name. During her time there, she proved her skills in running an office while taking over for her brother-in-law at Billboard for a short time.
The article states that in "1978 she officially set up shop in Beverly Hills and launched human resources firm The ActOne Group. Forty years later, Howroyd’s business has grown to a global enterprise, with a presence in 19 countries and more than 17,000 clients and more than 2,800 employees."

Howroyd's achievements have proven a testament to what good work ethic and high goals can amount to. When asked what she suggests for younger future CEOs, Janice Howroyd shares, "One of the things that I tell people often is that jobs don't have futures -- people do. This industry is so rife with opportunity. It's the people who have the opportunity."