This 11-Year Old Boy Scored Higher on His IQ Test Than Bill Gates and Albert Einstein

Ramarni Wilfred

In 2014, 11-year old Ramarni Wilfred from London, UK took a Mensa test and was told that he had a higher IQ level than Steven Hawking, Bill Gates and even Albert Einstein. All of them have an IQ of 160, but Ramarni scored 162 on the test putting him in the top 1% in the UK.
Mensa’s chief executive at the time, John Stevenage, said: "Ramarni’s score shows he has great potential and we are pleased to welcome him to Mensa." The IQ test consisted of a number of tasks that determine various measures of intelligence including short-term memory, analytical thinking, mathematical ability and spatial recognition.

Ramarni started showing signs that he was a genius as a toddler. He could read and write by the time he started pre-school, and his favorite book to read was an encyclopedia. Also, when he was just 10-years old, he wrote a philosophy paper on fairness that earned him an honorary award from the prestigious Oxford University.

After making history with his IQ test score, Ramarni began being invited to exclusive events and had the opportunity to mix with others who were considered to be extremely intelligent.

But despite his great intelligence, he had a very normal childhood.

When he turned 16-years old in 2019, his mother and him were interviewed by BBC. "It's probably a place of me not knowing something, and from that ignorance having a desire to understand it, to know it. It's about finding... what you want to learn about," he said about being a genius.