At 8-Years Old, She Was Already Speaking 8 Languages and Playing 8 Instruments

Mabou Loiseau

In 2015, when Mabou Loiseau from Queens, NYC was just 8-years old, she was already speaking 8 languages - English, Haitian Creole, Spanish, French, Russian, Arabic, Mandarin, and American Sign Language. She was also learning Japanese.
When Mabou was barely two years old, her mother noticed that she was speaking some words in French, but her mom didn't even speak French. Her mom immediately began to realize that her daughter had been born with a gift. So, she started teaching her different languages, and would even hire nannies that spoke different languages.

But learning languages was not her only talent

At 8-years old, Mabou also had already learned to play a wide variety of instruments: the piano, the violin, the clarinet, the flute, the drums, the guitar, and the harp. Not only that, she began giving piano lessons. In addition, she was also studying and fully comprehending college-level algebra.

In 2020, Mabou turned 13-years old and added a few more talents to her roster - dancing, painting, and singing. She's already developing a following on YouTube for her amazing singing and dancing performances

She says that in the future she wants to be a lawyer, a brain surgeon, and a singer.

This girl is history in the making!

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