The First African American to Graduate College Was Alexander Lucius Twilight

Alexander Lucius Twilight, first Black person to graduate from college

The story of Alexander Lucius Twilight is an amazing one. When he graduated from from Middlebury College in 1823, he became the first Black American to graduate from college with a Bachelor's degree.
The Power of Education

Graduating from college was the first of the many firsts in Twilight's life. While some African Americans at that point were fortunate to had been born free, this was not the case for everyone. Twilight was fortunate enough to be born to free parents, but it is what he did with this freedom that really makes him important.

By being the first African American to earn a college degree, he lit the way for countless others to achieve their own success.

A Path to Success

During his life, he became a skilled architect, and not only was the chief builder, but also the designer of the first granite public building in the state of Vermont, Athenian Hall. This was all done while he was the principal of the Orleans County Grammar School. The most impressive thing about all of this is that Twilight was an African American living before the Civil War.

Twilight's life is a story of firsts. He was amazingly elected into political office in a time where slavery still existed in the United States, despite his racial heritage. He served in the House of Representatives of Vermont.