Lola Falana, a Black Woman, Was the Original First Lady of Las Vegas in the 1970's

Lola Falana

Las Vegas is home to some of the greatest and most talented performers alive today and throughout history, but did you know that the original First Lady of Las Vegas was a Black woman named Lola Falana? Falana, born on September 11, 1942, was a singer and dancer whose passion for performing was clear even from a young age.
Talented Even at a Young Age

Born Loletha Falana, she was dancing at an age when many children are still learning to walk in straight lines. She became a member of the church choir before she was old enough to attend elementary school. She became a regular dancer at Philadelphia nightclubs while still in high school, and dropped out just a few months shy of graduation to pursue her career in New York City.

Sammy Davis Junior Discovers the Queen

Falana’s big break came while dancing on a chorus line in Atlantic City, where she met Sammy Davis Jr. Davis could see her potential and he offered her a featured role in Golden Boy which led to the launching of her recording career.

It took off like a rocket, and she followed up appearances on all the major talk shows of the time with the installation of her Las Vegas show. She was a smashing success at casinos and showrooms all around Vegas. The Queen had found her domain.