Meet the First Black Woman to Have Traveled to Every Country and Continent in the World

Woni Spotts, first Black woman to travel the world

Many people dream of traveling around the world but only a few could really achieve that. But Woni Spotts has completed her goal of visiting every country and continent in the world, and she is the first Black woman to do so!
Woni was born in Los Angeles and she grew up traveling with her parents. Eventually, she became an accomplished musician, songwriter, piano player, and animator but she didn't let go of her ultimate goal of exploring the world.

Woni worked with Nolan Davis, journalist and author of Six Black Horses, in the documentary film titled Passing Through, also known as Woni Spotts: First Black Woman to Travel to Every Country, which was released in 1989. Davis served as the film's executive producer and writer while Spotts was assigned to do the traveling and hosting.

During the mid-2000's, Woni continued touring Monaco, France, and Southern Europe. From 2014 to 2018, she again embarked on a journey to visit several countries including Germany, Netherlands, Greece, Spain, Italy, Vatican City, Turkey, UK England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, Canada, Belize, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Samoa, Australia, India, Cambodia, Morocco, Jordan, Egypt, Tanzania, China, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan.

She also visited other territories such as Greenland, Antarctica, Tahiti, Easter Islands, The Galápagos, Hawaii, Transnistria, Western Sahara, Socotra, Tibet, and The Canary Islands.

In September 2018, after almost 40 years of traveling, Woni reached her goal. All in all, she visited 195 countries and 22 territories.