These Three Black Women Helped America Get to the Moon First

Mary Jackson, Katerine Goble Johnson and Dorothy Vaughn

The United States landing on the moon, and winning the space race against the Soviet Union, is one of the most famous events in American history. Unfortunately until recently, many people were completely unaware of the important contributions made by Black women in helping us get to the moon.The 2016 film adaptation Hidden Figures shined a light on NASA mathematicians Mary Jackson, Katherine Goble Johnson and Dorothy Vaughan, bringing there story to the masses who had previously overlooked them.

The Hard Work Done in the Shadows

It should come as no surprise that Black women in the work force were not operating on a level playing field. Although the work they were doing was often more mentally challenging than the men to whom they reported, these mathematicians had to excel to the upper echelons of their field to be considered even on par with their entry level male counterparts.

Vital Contributions to the Greater Goal

Despite not being given the high levels of respect and adulation their work deserved, the women persisted none-the-less, and provided invaluable contributions to the mission to the moon.

The calculations of these three women, and the many Black women they worked alongside, played a crucial role in helping the astronauts attain orbit and then return home safe and sound.