Documented Evidence That the First Americans Were Black... Yes, Descendants of Africa!

First Americans, Black Indians from Africa

Many people, including the so-called Native Americans themselves, believe that they were the first Americans. But there is no evidence that this is true! On the other hand, according to David Imhotep, author of The First Americans Were Africans: Documented Evidence, there are 17 pieces of hard evidence that show that the first to arrive in the Americas were actually Black people... yes, Africans!
Here are just 3 pieces of documented evidence that prove this:

#1 - DNA Evidence: The Black Indians came to the Americas either directly from Africa; or indirectly, beginning in Africa -- then temporarily lived in Europe -- but finally sailed to the Americas. There is genetic evidence that the “so-called” Native Americans were not the first people in Americas. Their direct ancestors, the Africans, were the first people in the Americans. They are known as the Amerindians, Amerids, or proto-Americans.

#2 - Anthropological Evidence: In all three of the Americas -- North, Central and South -- no one has ever discovered any human (ancient) archaic bones older than Homo sapiens. Anthropologists have never found bones relating to Australopithecus, Homo-habilis, Homo-erectus, Neanderthal, or Homo-floresiensis. Therefore, can so-called Native Americans still say, “We have always been here?” Are we not all part of the same family, from the same place? Africa?

#3 - Architectural Evidence: In a couple of places in the American Midwest, there are ancient Pueblo Cliff Dwellings. Specifically, the best well known structure is in Colorado. Curiously, there is an identical structure in Mali, Africa.

A. They are both high up on the side of a cliff.

B. The cliff has a concave shape.

C. They sit back inside that concave aperture

D. They have identical Pueblo mud dwelling architecture

There is more cliff above them but if you are on top of that mountain and look down, you can not see the dwellings because they are packed back inside of the cave; All you see is the bottom of the cliff! The probability that they were built by different people, and that there are two identical cliff dwellings half way around the world from one another is astronomical!

For more pieces of documented evidence that the first Americans were Black, check out "The First Americans Were Africans: Documented Evidence" by author and historian David Imhotep.