The First Black Queen of England (Meghan Markle Was Not the First Black Woman in the Royal Family!)

Meghan Markle and Queen Sophia Charlotte

Meghan Markle made international headlines when she married Prince Harry of the British royal family and became a Duchess in 2018. Millions tuned into watch the 3-hour ceremony. However, Meghan is not the first Black woman to have lived in the Royal Palace. In 1761, Sophie Charlotte married King George III and became the first ever Black Queen of England.
But Queen Sophia Charlotte, a descendent of a Black Portuguese family that lived in Germany, wasn’t just the Queen of England; She was also the Queen of Ireland as well. Even more interesting, they got married at the age of 17 and they went on to have 15 children. She was the queen for 57 years.

According to Gabriel Scott, a respected lecturer and historian, people have tried to discredit and whitewash the significance of her history and contributions to England for many years. However, the truth can not be denied.

A very unique and intelligent woman

Queen Sophia Charlotte spoke several languages including English, German and French. She was good friends with accomplished classical composer, Johann Bach and his wife. And she once received a composition in her honor from Wolfgang Mozart.

In addition, the city of Charlotte, North Carolina in the United States is named after her in her honor.

But most notably, history confirms that she was, in fact, the great-great-great grandmother of the current queen, Queen Elizabeth.

Wow! Who would’ve ever thought that the royal family had Black ancestry in their lineage?