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Job Title: KIPP San Diego: Fisher Fellowship and Miles Family Fellowship
Company Name: KIPP Public Charter Schools
Location: San Diego, CA
Position Type: Full Time
Post Date: 02/22/2018
Expire Date: 03/24/2018
Job Categories: Education and Library, Financial Services, Human Resources, Information Technology, Internet/E-Commerce, Real Estate, Collegiate Faculty, Staff, Administration, Executive Management, Research & Development, Web Technology, Writing/Authoring
Job Description
KIPP San Diego: Fisher Fellowship and Miles Family Fellowship


The vision of KIPP San Diego is to be a thriving region of stable schools filled with happy, successful young people on paths toward choice-filled, contented lives that positively impact our community.  KIPP San Diego will be a leader in thinking about opportunity and access for underrepresented youth in San Diego and a model for collaboration in order to dramatically change life outcomes. 

KIPP San Diego has three Design Principles: Team and Family, Meaningful Work, and Voice.

Team and Family:

We are here to teach the student, not the curriculum and that distinction drives us to build and foster relationships. Advisory meetings, Restorative Circles and collaboration with families are hallmarks of KIPP San Diego schools.

Meaningful Work:

Everything we do is relevant to the real challenges before us and has potential to move the needle.  Students engage in projects that connect them with the real world, and also participate in leveled groups to build targeted skills.  All students are exposed to four years of Orchestra and every year, students tour at least four colleges.


Students are supported in being leaders of their own learning and are given choice and voice where possible. Social-emotional development is a critical academic intervention: students work together to solve problems in restorative circles and advisory groups.  Teachers focus lessons on work that is relevant to students and our community, and seek meaningful ways for students to use their voices.

KIPP San Diego currently operates one school: KIPP Adelante Preparatory Academy which will serve as the flagship for the region as it develops in the coming years to ensure that low income families in San Diego have high quality options for school. The mission of KIPP Adelante Preparatory Academy is to ensure that our students develop the academic skills, intellectual habits, and character traits needed to succeed in top quality high schools, colleges, and the competitive world beyond. We will be a proof-point that schools with high concentrations of students that live in low-income communities are buildings filled with innovative, creative, engaged, passionate and valuable contributors to our community.  Through longer school days and an extended school year with extraordinarily dedicated and passionate teachers, our students improve and succeed. 95% of KIPP Adelante's alumni have graduated from high school. 75% of those have gone on to college. We are focused on raising that number.   

KIPP San Diego has a deep belief that students’ social-emotional health is foundational to success in life. As we look ahead to our growth plan of opening up a dual language immersion elementary school for the 2019-2020 school year, we are seeking exceptional leaders who are aligned with our vision of KIPP San Diego, and are interested in working in a fast-paced and high-expectation environment. This is a unique and exciting leadership opportunity to set the vision of the new elementary school and lay the foundational groundwork for KIPP San Diego’s dual language immersion education program. The elementary school is planned to open in the summer of 2019 for Transitional Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and 1st grade only, and then increase another grade each year until 4th grade. Depending on the student population of the new elementary school, the program will [tentatively] be a 90/10 dual language immersion (English/Spanish) split model, with Math instruction and assessment 100% in English, with a gradual increase of instruction done in English each grade so that by graduation into KIPP Adelante in 5th grade, instruction will be primarily in English, with a Spanish class focused on literacy and writing.



KIPP seeks exemplary candidates who are interested in serving as founding principals for its newest elementary, middle, and high schools. Each prospective founding KIPP principal must be accepted into and successfully complete the Fisher Fellowship (a component of the KIPP School Leadership Programs), a one-year paid fellowship which prepares Fellows through development and coaching to open KIPP schools.

The Fisher Fellowship prepares fellows to found and lead a new KIPP school in urban and rural communities where they are needed most. The fellowship includes an intensive Summer Institute in Chicago and subsequent in-person Intersessions, residencies at KIPP schools and/or partners nationwide, and individualized coaching from a dedicated KIPP Foundation leadership coach. The fellowship programming is designed to provide in-depth support and insight into the processes and best practices involved in school leadership—including topics as varied as instructional leadership, performance management, staff recruitment and selection, and developing school culture. The program culminates in Summer 2019, when the Fisher Fellows will open their schools to their first cohorts of students.


As part of the Fisher Fellowship, fellows are expected to actively participate in the year-long developmental process and proactively pursue their own development through engagement and commitment to the learning process. The fellowship year will be comprised of the following mandatory components:

  • Orientation: A three-day orientation in May to build key relationships with teammates in the cohort and begin critical coursework that frames the year-long learning experience.

  • Summer Institute: An intensive, four-week program with rigorous coursework taught by dynamic faculty and educational leaders in a university setting.

  • Intersessions: Four intensive leadership development sessions throughout the Fellowship year; each Intersession is typically six days long.

  • Residencies: Four to five residencies at KIPP schools and/or partner schools outside the fellow’s region. Each four-day residency provides Fellows with an opportunity to gain insight into the instructional, operational, and performance management practices of successful schools and school leaders. Additionally, Fellows will take part in four to five week-long school and operational residencies in his/her own region.

  • School Design Plan: Creation of a comprehensive plan that guides all design, implementation, and growth of the Fellow’s new school.

  • Coaching: One-on-one coaching with a leadership coach throughout the year.

  • Continuous Support: On-going support from the Director of the Fisher Fellowship.


The Miles Family Fellowship prepares fellows to lead a KIPP school in 12-18 months, as a founder or successor school leader. The fellowship includes an intensive Summer Institute in Chicago and subsequent in-person Intersessions, and individualized support through a site visit and year-long leadership coaching. Miles Family Fellows work as employees of a specific KIPP school and region as generalist Assistant Principals/Deans. In addition to the school-based responsibilities associated with their role, they are afforded the opportunity to take part in intensive leadership development programming throughout the one-year fellowship.


As part of the Miles Family Fellowship, fellows are expected to actively participate in the year-long developmental process and proactively pursue their own development through engagement and commitment to the learning process.

The fellowship year will be comprised of the following mandatory components:

  • Orientation: A three-day orientation in May to build key relationships with leaders and begin critical coursework that frames the year-long learning experience
  • Summer Institute: An intensive, four-week Summer Institute with rigorous coursework taught by dynamic faculty and educational leaders in a university setting in Chicago
  • Intersessions: Three leadership development Intersessions throughout the school year; each Intersession is typically three days long
  • Ongoing Professional Development: Participation in virtual professional development sessions, coaching conversations, course assignments, assessments, and feedback
  • Continuous Support: On-going support from the KSLP team
  • Leadership Vision Project (LPP): Exploration of fellow’s core values and beliefs about education, develop a clear vision for an equitable and excellent school and articulate how to operationalize it for student achievement and sustained school-wide success.
  • Individual Development Plan (IDP): Creation of an Individual Development Plan that outlines the fellow’s strengths and areas of development. This plan is formally revisited four times during the fellowship year serves as a starting point for discussions between the fellow, host region and the KIPP Foundation about preparedness to transition into the School Leader role as a Fisher Fellow in 12 months or Successor in 12-18 months.
  • Individualized Coaching: Ongoing coaching by a KIPP Foundation leadership coach aligned to the strengths and areas of development in the fellow’s IDP.
  • On-the-Job Development: The manager and regional leader continually coach, develop and provide the Fellow with feedback to accelerate his/her growth and progression in school leadership readiness.


  • Bachelor's Degree (required)

  • Teaching Credential (required)


Applicants must have:

  • At least three years of teaching experience with demonstrated exemplary student achievement results

  • Experience working in a school in which >50% of students qualify for free or reduced price lunch.

  • At least one year of experience in school-wide leadership, such as assistant principal or dean.


Applicants will be expected to demonstrate proficiency in KIPP’s core leadership competencies.

We encourage you to visit our website at to learn more about these competencies.
Fisher Fellows receive salary and benefits commensurate with their experience and on par with other leaders in their KIPP region. Additionally, all travel, housing and coursework associated with the fellowship is paid for by the KIPP Foundation.

Miles Family Fellows are placed into KIPP schools and will receive salary and benefits commensurate with their experience and on par with other KIPP teachers and/or leaders in that school. Additionally, all travel, housing and coursework associated with the fellowship is paid for by the KIPP Foundation.

The KIPP Foundation provides equal employment opportunity for all applicants and employees.

If you are a current KIPP employee, you must discuss this opportunity with your manager before applying.

The deadline to apply to the Fisher Fellowship and Miles Family Fellowship for KIPP San Diego is Friday, February 23, 2018. If you are interested in applying to the fellowships with other regions, please check their job listings carefully, as deadlines between regions vary.

Please note that if your application progresses to our Final Selection Event, we will invite you to two days of interviews in Houston between Tuesday, March 27, 2018 and Friday, March 30, 2018.


Apply online by clicking the Apply button below.

The application requires (see below for additional details):

  • Details about your professional experience and qualifications

  • Three professional references

  • Student achievement data

  • Essays

  • Professional biography


Professional References:

Applicants will need to provide three professional references in their application. For each reference, applicants should prepare the name, title, organization, relationship to the applicant, email, and phone number. We recommend these three references include a current supervisor, a peer, and an individual you manage.

Our team will contact your references and request they complete a recommendation form after either your phone interview or initial interview. If you have questions or concerns about your references being contacted, please contact us directly.


Student Achievement Data:

Successful applicants to the Fisher and Miles Family Fellowship have demonstrated their commitment to their students and can clearly communicate their results. In the application, you will be required to upload a PDF or Word document that demonstrates the results you have achieved with students. In your submission, please include results for at least two academic years and indicate the years. You may include up to three years of data. For years in which you held an instructional leadership position, please submit school-wide data and data from the subjects/grade levels you managed. For years in which you were a teacher, please submit data from your students.

Your submission should include the following four components: 

  1. The name of your school and the position you held.

  2. General demographic information about your school, including total student enrollment, percentage that qualified for free or reduced-price lunch, and the percentage with underrepresented minority backgrounds.

  3. The assessments you used with your students.

  4. Comparative results that demonstrate your students' achievements in relation to your school, district, city and state. If you don't have comparative results, briefly explain why.

We strongly encourage you to include charts or graphs that demonstrate your results.



In the application, you will be required to submit responses to two essay questions. Please limit your responses to 500 words each.

  1. In the student performance data you submitted, what were the key takeaways (e.g. the story the data is telling us)? To what would you attribute these results? Provide details, examples and concrete evidence for your interpretation.

  2. Describe a time in your most recent three years as a teacher or instructional leader when you set a goal with your students or teachers and struggled to meet it. What ultimately happened, and what do you think contributed to your success or failure?


Professional Biography:

In the application, you will be required to submit a professional biography which will be used in the selection process. Please ensure that your professional biography is approximately 150-200 words and is written in the third-person. Your professional biography should include the following information about yourself:

  1. A brief description of your professional experiences (teaching experience and leadership experience).

  2. Description of your education (degrees held and universities attended).

You can see examples of current Fisher Fellow biographies on the KIPP website.
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Company Name: KIPP Public Charter Schools
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