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CLEAN UP TIME: Abrahams Friends gets updated: No response in 30 days canceled. (1041 hits)
Actually, my purpose is not to enlighten my people to the wisdom of the One God. But, to execute the deliverance of Black Americans to Africa. My training is necessary for the mission to which my divinity has been assigned. Friends are special to ...
Posted Saturday, May 22nd 2010 at 1:08AM
by: Jamal Abraham | post comment
Harry chases my blogs around because my ideas are from the ONE God and are innovative filled with thought provoking issues. Harry's god is dead and henceforth provides Harry nothing innovative to speak about. He has to rehash what has already been ...
Posted Friday, May 21st 2010 at 6:06AM
by: Jamal Abraham | post comment
Muslims of Nation of Islam understands the concept of resurrection better than any other religious group in America. But, the Muslims do not have a clue on where they are going and who will get them there. Objectively, speaking it is all about who w ...
Posted Monday, May 17th 2010 at 8:52PM
by: Jamal Abraham | post comment
Hollywood stereotypes like Steppin Fetchit had a lasting effect on Black Americans. (869 hits)
Hollywood sought to curve the rise of black nationalism in the 1930s by introducing characters that would depict them as dumb, stupid, lazy and shiftless. Directors gave them roles as comedian so as to get African Americans laughing at the same time ...
Posted Thursday, May 13th 2010 at 8:47PM
by: Jamal Abraham | post comment
Philanthropist offers a Black Man 1 of 3 gifts right out of Prison: WHAT SHOULD HE CHOOSE (1078 hits)
Hypothetical case of a Black Man wrongfully convicted of a crime. Out after 10 years, he walk out of prison to his neighborhood. A Philanthropist learns of his story and offers him 1 of 3 gifts to help. The Black Man must choose between a hooker f ...
Posted Wednesday, May 12th 2010 at 5:52PM
by: Jamal Abraham | post comment
DUE TO SLAVERY: Are Black Americans destined for Greatness (745 hits)
Only if you can convert black Americans into a nation of people. We are given life for only for a short minute individually. But, to a nation a term is given. African Americans have grown from a slave to a person, a neighborhood, a community, a bus ...
Posted Sunday, May 9th 2010 at 6:08PM
by: Jamal Abraham | post comment
What is the Differance: Hollywood Acting versus Christian Preachers (816 hits)
Frequent most churches, and the pastor claims to have received a calling. Since Jesus died, then who did the calling...GOD..OK..What is His name. The God that is doing the calling. What..He does not have a name. But, some Christians say Jesus is God. ...
Posted Saturday, May 8th 2010 at 11:44AM
by: Jamal Abraham | post comment
African Americans are encouraged to: LEAVE THE GULF COAST (736 hits)
Imagine the smell of dead fish left for days in the outdoors. Now add heat and oil. Within the next week, the air, water and southern coastal land will develop the worst stinch imaginable. There will be death in the air and the soot of the sea will b ...
Posted Friday, May 7th 2010 at 11:59AM
by: Jamal Abraham | post comment
ABRAHAM is the best name for all African Americans to Unite of all religions. (768 hits)
The Bible, Holy Quran and Torah points to Abraham as God's friend. Now in the midst of America makes a move. A moment in time but a very serious moment. Capable of uniting all American Muslims and American Black Christians that know the Bible. Se ...
Posted Thursday, May 6th 2010 at 12:50AM
by: Jamal Abraham | post comment
Christopher Columbus: LEFT EUROPE to set up a new world: without waiting on Jesus(PBUH) (1086 hits)
Columbus was a man on a mission looking for freedom for his people. He took largely convicts and with funding set sail, ultimately, establishing what would become America despite obstacles. Columbus did not concern himself with what the peoples reli ...
Posted Saturday, May 1st 2010 at 10:47PM
by: Jamal Abraham | post comment
Muslim countries will bring America to her knees....THERE IS NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. (774 hits)
Dumb Black Christians join the American Army and go fight their brother in the Middle east. They come back half crazy, missing arms, missing legs, missing eyes, missing toes, missing fingers....half a human being. Why....cause they were dumb enough t ...
Posted Monday, April 26th 2010 at 6:34AM
by: Jamal Abraham | post comment
To Africa: 144,000 Black Americans head to establish a homeland: 10 years (877 hits)
21st Century thinking demands man and woman to think more globally about their future plans. Black Americans in that vein need to consider never having experienced what it is like to have their own land. And establish a nation with government that ...
Posted Wednesday, April 21st 2010 at 11:27PM
by: Jamal Abraham | post comment
What About Buddhism: In the Days of Abraham ! (862 hits)
Buddhists believe this world is not created and ruled by a God. But, somehow belief that Buddhism is not atheistic. In Buddhism, the purpose of life is to end suffering. The Buddha taught that humans suffer because we continually strive after things ...
Posted Wednesday, April 14th 2010 at 12:26PM
by: Jamal Abraham | post comment
Will Bilingualism or multilingualism complicate a Homeland for Black Americans ? (794 hits)
Areas are considered bilingual if more than one language is spoken by a significant proportion of the population. In some countries --Belgium, for example, or Switzerland--there is more than one official language. In United States, only one language ...
Posted Monday, April 12th 2010 at 8:45PM
by: Jamal Abraham | post comment
American Casualties 5,396 Operation Afganistan and Iraqi for FIGHTING THE MUSLIMS (814 hits)
So lets get this straight. As an American scientist for 30 years my perspective conveys an Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom has cost almost 6000 American families to be broken apart. Their love ones are gone forever. We have ...
Posted Sunday, April 11th 2010 at 2:29PM
by: Jamal Abraham | post comment
SINCE AMERICA IS DOOMED: President Obama should do as much possible to HELP AFRICAN AMERICANS (738 hits)
President Obama has to be aware that America's woes are deep; encompassing wages/job loss, social issues(gay, lesbian), racial tension, emperialism over the darker countries and war with Islam. Sure, play the political game as white predecessors maki ...
Posted Sunday, April 11th 2010 at 1:50PM
by: Jamal Abraham | post comment
WHY WOULD GOD CHOOSE AN ENGINEER:...To lead Black Americans to LAND OF THEIR OWN (789 hits)
Leadership among African countries and Black national organizations in the United states have come from the realms of Preachers/Ministers/Evangelists and when coming from Academia has come from Political Science/History and the social sciences. The O ...
Posted Wednesday, April 7th 2010 at 12:15PM
by: Jamal Abraham | post comment
A Homeland for Black Americans in Morocco ? What would that be like:::::A nation of our OWN (712 hits)
Morocco is the farthest west of all Arab countries and of all African Countries, it is the closest to Europe. While industries are growing rapidly, the country is still largely agricultural with about 35% of the population working the land. Wheat i ...
Posted Saturday, April 3rd 2010 at 11:45PM
by: Jamal Abraham | post comment
Growing number of Black American female turning LESBIAN: PROBLEM the Days of Abraham (804 hits)
Tensions between Black men and women have been challenging to remain positive. Lesbian movement in America has escalated with opportunity noted with black American women. Temptation is there no doubt between women. Protection is lost and placement to ...
Posted Tuesday, March 30th 2010 at 2:48PM
by: Jamal Abraham | post comment
PRESIDENT OBAMA sending America's economy down the TOILET (804 hits)
At the a time America is spending millions of dollars each day to prosecute a war in the Middle East, Educational system collapsing with more schools closing, unemployment hovering between 15 to 25% depending on who you ask, the first African America ...
Posted Saturday, March 27th 2010 at 10:29PM
by: Jamal Abraham | post comment
TANZANIA: Target for Black American homeland...EAST AFRICA>>>>Lets talk about it ! (717 hits)
Bordering the Indian Ocean, this beautiful African nation is a republic which gained its independence from British rule in 1963. Tanganyika and Zanzibar joined to form the United Republic of Tanzania in 1964. Founded in 1862, Dar es Salaam, the capit ...
Posted Wednesday, March 24th 2010 at 9:39PM
by: Jamal Abraham | post comment
Solution to China's drinking water crisis....a Solution for Africa's Drinking Water Problem (830 hits)
200 million people in China live without access to drinking water. meanwhite, industrial waste water has been polluting the limited water resources for years. Environmental protection is finally a priority and water pollution is to be stopped - The f ...
Posted Wednesday, March 24th 2010 at 7:09PM
by: Jamal Abraham | post comment
ARE BLack Americans Capable of GOVERNING THEMSELVES ? (850 hits)
Since Black Americans were set free in 1865, integrating into white society have been the order of the day. It is said that Blacks in the U.S. need to be told what to do by WHITE PEOPLE to get them to work. Arguments were that black Americans were la ...
Posted Wednesday, March 24th 2010 at 6:22PM
by: Jamal Abraham | post comment
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